Michael de Styrcea

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UK Feldenkrais Guild
The website of the UK Feldenkrais Guild. It contains much useful information including articles and audio recordings of Awareness through Movement classes. It also sets out the Codes and Ethics and rules of professional conduct under which Guild members practise.

International Feldenkrais Federation
The website of the International Feldenkrais Federation; the international co-ordinating body for the worldwide Feldenkrais movement.

Feldenkrais Resources
An American site with a comprehensive on-line store selling books, DVDs and recordings relating to the Feldenkrais Method.

Scott Clark
A nice site of a leading UK practitioner. Contains useful articles and recordings.

Video - What is Feldenkrais?
An interesting video about the Feldenkrais Method.

Video - Case Study
An inspiring video of a remarkable case study of how the Feldenkrais Method has benefited a child with severe brain damage.

Video - Functional Integration Lesson
A short video showing a Functional Integration lesson